Posts run forward in time from this point.


Throughout the life of this blog I will constantly discover new spelling mistakes or find better ways of sharing my thoughts. Try reloading the page occasionally. Or run CCleaner regularly as I do.

The default spelling checker I use here is UK English but is rarely working properly as I rattle away at the keyboard. Only later do all the red lines appear like bright poppies in the fields of text.

If the text seems too small for comfort try holding down the CTRL key and then pressing +. This enlarges the page including text and images and is very useful. CTRL and 0 (zero or nought) will return the text to normal size. CTRL and - will reduce it.

By the way: The dates of all posts are completely fictitious. I deliberately date each new post so that it follows a logical chronological order. When I started blogging it was impossible to run a blog "backwards". i.e. So that new posts appeared at the bottom of the chapter list rather than at the top. Dating posts backwards into the past to achieve my aims has continued.

If you find yourself running out of new chapters to read try clicking on "Home" at the bottom of the page. Clicking on"Older Posts" will usually provide the next chapter or chapters.

I chose the blog format because it is so flexible, provides enlargeable image hosting and can be continuously updated and corrected. It is also free. It's strange editing problems are a trial but beggars can't be choosers.

Blogging seems unlikely to suffer the sudden death common to ISP's free web pages as more avaricious companies buy them up. I lost 5 websites to changes of ISP ownership ending in a final toxic dose of agent Orange.

Although it doesn't seem very likely this blog actually gets more interesting as it goes backwards in time! If you have already dismissed March '07 as out of date then you may like to know that this was written in mid summer '09 just as I doubled the size of my IB to 8 x 15".

If you are regular visitor do remember to reload the pages regularly. I go back and change things all the time. Often adding new images as appropriate.